Derek Dooley

I've been working in the construction industry for over twenty years and began as an apprentice in woodwork joinery. Since I finished the apprenticeship I went . on to working in the private sector gaining valuable experience along the way. Now my skills are honed in on better bespoke living in your home improvements. Now I run a bespoke joinery business and keep updated on the new technologies the bring quality home living.

local joinery companies fitted interiors

Local Joinery Companies

Local Joinery Companies What is joinery? What does a joiner do?   In broad terms, joinery is a type of woodworking that usually involves joining together two or more pieces of wood. Most furniture-making falls under that category. That includes the making of door and window frames, tables, doors, shelves, staircases, cabinets, and more. Even …

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bespoke garage conversion living space

Bespoke Garage Conversion

4 Ways You Can Transform Your Garage Using Bespoke Garage Conversion Services If you’re not yet familiar with the term, a “bespoke garage conversion service” basically means transforming your existing garage into an extra living space which is more practical and useful for you. Whether we are talking about attached or detached garages, these areas …

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