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Mirrored Fitted Wardrobes

Here’s Why Mirrored Fitted Wardrobes Are an Elegant and Practical Storage Solution


Settling for a piece of furniture for your bedroom that reflects your personality and complements the space is easier said than done.

Especially when it comes to closets, maximising the space and selecting a contemporary piece is the crux of the matter.

A good point about mirrored fitted wardrobes is that they are a stylish piece of furniture, add more depth to your bedroom and elevate the space.

Sliding wardrobe doors are a great place to adorn mirrors with and are ideal for small bedrooms.

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of mirrored fitted closets, their cost, and how can you get a wardrobe designed for your bedroom.

So let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Benefits of Fitted Mirrored Wardrobes

A Piece of Timeless Elegance


Mirrors are an evergreen styling option for bedrooms, bringing charm to an otherwise sombre space.

Another reason mirror adorned closets look stylish is the light that they reflect and multiply.

Therefore, for rooms situated in a place where there is not an adequate amount of natural light, mirrors will play an integral role.

Moreover, installing mirrors on wardrobe slide doors is a top choice for many.

Styling Options


Mirrors are versatile and come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Mirrored wardrobes are hard to run out of fashion, and there are endless ways you can style them. Some of these ideas include:

  • Floor space to ceiling mirrored door
  • The lacquered finish mirror door
  • Mirrored doors for sliding wardrobes; and more.

Additionally, you can pick from a variety of glasses, including stained, decorative, and crystal clear glass.

Mirrored closets go well with each bedroom type and usable space.

Furthermore, different types of wood finishes can be used on the closets to match the wallpaper or paint in your bedroom.

Once you are opted-in for our free consultation, you get a visit by our expert designers, followed by a design sketch. The draft will give you a better understanding of the final product and the flexibility to customise.

Create an Illusion of a Bigger Bedroom


small bedroom closet


Smaller bedrooms benefit the most from fitted mirrored sliding doors wardrobes since they utilise the existing space and make it look twice its size.

Mirrors open up the area by reflecting the artificial as well as natural lighting.

Therefore, mirror adorned wardrobe placed beside the window will bring more light in and make the room look bigger than without a mirror.

If you have a small bedroom in your home, our recommendation would be installing a mirror on sliding doors for wardrobes.

Unlike hinged closets, sliding doors open sideways and do not require extra space to open outward.

Therefore, fitted closets let you walk around your bedroom without bumping into your furniture and enjoy a spacious bedroom.

Storage Maximisation and Practicality


Perhaps the most apparent benefit of a fitted mirrored wardrobe is the storage maximisation opportunity.

Many of our customers prefer installing a mirror on wardrobe slide door to save space and create the look and feel of a spacious bedroom at the same time. Instead of leaving empty spaces to collect dust, we can transform that into a wardrobe where you can store your essentials.

Moreover, if you have a room with limited wall space that cannot accommodate mirrors, then sliding doors for wardrobe is an excellent option for you.

Lastly, you can pull out clothes from your wardrobe and look at them without going back and forth to your dressing table.

So these were some of the unique benefits of having a fitted mirrored wardrobe in your bedroom. If you are wondering how much they cost, read on.

How Much Do Mirrored Closet Doors Cost?


The best part about bespoke joinery is that you can get a wardrobe in your budget.

We create bespoke fitted closets that are custom made to your space and requirements. Irrespective of the size of the bedroom and the space available, we design closets that feel just right.

We design a custom made wardrobe for your bedroom that does not burn a hole in your pocket, yet, promises contemporary style.

The cost for a mirror closet door depends primarily on the bedroom size, the wardrobe requirement and more. While the price for a three-section wardrobe is usually around £2,800 to £3,600, bespoke sliding wardrobes, cost anywhere around £1000 -£3,500.

Therefore, it is always a great idea to get a free quote for your bespoke wardrobe.

This will give you a fair idea of how the wardrobe in your bedroom would look like and what the estimated cost would come down to.

Request a Free Quote


With Riverdale Bespoke Joinery you can trust all your joinery requirements including the fitted wardrobes.

To make sure you get your dream wardrobe designed, we visit you and suggest suitable measures.

Along with that, we give you a design sketch and quotes so that you can get a wardrobe of your choice, economically.

We have helped many homeowners in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the UK with unique requirements to get a wardrobe that fits naturally to their bedroom.

If you live in or near Sheffield, Call us at 0114 4055 996 and get the quotes for your fitted mirrored wardrobe today and transform your bedroom to be reflecting your style and personality!



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