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Short Wardrobes for Loft Conversions

How to Get Short Wardrobes for Loft Conversions


Imagine transforming the most confined space in your home, such as a loft, and creating a beautiful storage area for your precious belongings.

loft conversion is a brilliant idea opted by many homeowners in the UK to reconstruct an empty confined space into a cosy living area. However, one of the biggest hurdles is selecting ideal furniture for small spaces.

Since your attic requires furniture that does not look bulky, yet, serves the purpose, you should look into bespoke joinery.

It will not only make your loft bedroom look beautiful but also fit seamlessly into the given storage space, regardless of the angles or sloping ceilings.

And the best part is: you do not need to work too hard to achieve that.

So if you’re looking to convert your loft and wish to explore functional yet fashionable closet wardrobes, then read on.

We will learn about eaves storage, is your loft conversion-friendly, and how to design a perfect bespoke wardrobe, drawers and furniture for your loft.

So let’s get to the heart of the matter.


First Things First: What Is Eaves Storage?


wardrobe fitted bedroom loft storage


Eaves are structural timber supports that hold up the roof and are in the form of trusses or rafters.

While trusses are the beams that run across the attic, rafters run along the roof. Both of them serve a sole purpose: to hold the roof in place.

While you may think having one makes your loft unsuitable for conversion, fortunately, that’s not the case. Depending on the type of your home’s eave, the area around the support beams can get used as a custom-made storage place for your belongings.

Either way, bespoke furniture utilises every inch of the room and not look out of the place, making loft storage an encouraging option.

You can create an office, bedroom or simply any other living area that could use a wardrobe to store your clothes, accessories and other things.

They cater to your specific requirement, unlike the freestanding ones that overlook the essential aspect of made-to-measure wardrobes.

Now you may wonder if your loft is conversion-friendly, so let’s talk about that.


Can I Convert a Small Loft?


While there are endless opportunities for loft conversions, the central minimum space required is usually 2.2 meters (starting from the bottom of the timber to the top of the ceiling).

When you have this as a minimum dimension of this space, it should not be a problem to convert your bedroom loft space into stylish storage. As with any building structural work, I advise consulting an architect and builder first.  However, back to under sloping ceiling support beams, low wardrobes can get fit into this space while having essential features like clothes, rail, a chest of drawer and more.

Fitted bespoke wardrobes are an excellent option for loft storage since they allow you to add your touch to the bedroom. Some of the ideas for low wardrobes are sliding door, mirrored doors, hinged wardrobes and more.

Lastly, our home interior designers ensure that they check for the available space and suggest the best option for your unique requirement.

Let’s learn more about fitted wardrobes and the storage for loft conversions.


Bespoke Loft Wardrobe


bespoke fitted loft wardrobe storage


While we have discussed how bespoke fitted wardrobes can be ideal for small rooms and spaces like the attics, here are some more benefits of having a custom-made wardrobe for loft:

  • Fits seamlessly into any space
  • Perfect for roofs of any angle
  • Made to measure for your unique requirement
  • Stylish yet functional wardrobes
  • Custom made designs

Regardless of whether your loft has dead spaces, awkward ceiling angles, rafters or confined walking space, we can design fitted wardrobes that sit flawlessly.


Get a Free Interior Design Consultation


Now that you have a clear idea of how bespoke fitted closets can uplift any space in your home, wait no longer to get a free design sketch for your attic closet storage.

We have helped many South Yorkshire homeowners in the UK to create stunning, compact wardrobes for their loft.

At Riverdale bespoke Joinery, our expert home interior designers first analyse your bedroom area and give you dozens of storage ideas to create a functional wardrobe for the space available. Furthermore, you will be adding your touch by selecting the type of door, handles, railings, mirrors and more.

Lastly, our skilled craftsmen work on the finalised design to bring your dream closet to reality and complete your loft conversion.

Contact us today on 0114 4055996 to get a free design sketch and get yourself a beautiful eave wardrobe!


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