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When looking for bespoke fitted furniture near me, Riverdale joinery provides bespoke fitted furniture for every room in your home. However, we specialise in lounge fitted furniture to bedrooms living rooms and home studies.

With the bespoke fitted furniture, we covered bespoke bookshelves alcove units and made to measure radiator covers all under our lounge section or as you may call it, bespoke living room storage.

Bespoke fitted furniture is a broad term for all built-in furniture around your home, and it does cover bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, home offices and your living room. I’ll try to explain in more detail below precisely what is fitted furniture.

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Bespoke Fitted Furniture Near Me, Sheffield, UK

Riverdale bespoke joinery is a fitted furniture company that offers fitted furniture solutions which make us a perfect choice for bespoke fitted furniture near me. Based in Sheffield, Yorkshire we provide bespoke joinery services in and around our area.

We provide the following services:

  • Lounge built-in furniture
  • Fitted living room storage
  • Bespoke living room storage
  • Fitted lounge wall units
  • Fitted living room cupboards
  • Bespoke tv media units
  • Fitted bookshelves
  • Alcove cupboards and shelving
  • Fitted wardrobes
  • Fitted bedrooms
  • Bedroom furniture

Fitted Home Office Furniture Near Me

Our fitted home office furniture comes genuinely bespoke to your needs, we will create a contemporary or traditional look, not only is our office design practical it also blends with your home decor as a stylish professional set up.

When searching in Sheffield for fitted home office furniture near me, Riverdale Joinery has you covered, a quick phone call to us and we will arrange a home visit to see what your requirements are and discuss your design and layout.

Bespoke fitted office furniture is also suited to a wide range of other uses, and we often supply fitted furniture for studies. The bespoke fitted study furniture is the same quality and high installation standards as our bespoke fitted home office furniture, and all the options come in a choice of colours, materials and finishes to make your bespoke fitted furniture unique.

For your bespoke storage solutions and beautiful fitted furniture contact us via the email form on our website, or call us on 01142 3455 996 to book a free consultation.

Our business has been fitting bespoke furniture for the last twelve years you can check our reviews and testimonials. We look forward to working with you.

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What Is Fitted Furniture?

When you look at your home, you can see the layout and space in each of your rooms. You can decide what storage space would best fit in each location and meet what you need.

Then you have two options. One is to buy a freestanding piece of furniture or two, have furniture made to measure that would best fit your chosen area and make the best use of space.

When looking for a shop bought, freestanding piece of furniture it is hard trying to get the right measurements and finishes you like and will fit your chosen living space correctly. That’s when fitted furniture is a fantastic solution.

So what is fitted furniture? I will explain in more detail below. 

So What Is Fitted Furniture?

Fitted furniture is a made to measure the piece of furniture that is designed, crafted and fitted into a specific place in your selected room. Bespoke fitted furniture will compliment your space and decor, as well as give you the storage solution to best fit your needs and what you want plus doing in in style to your exact taste.

Lounge fitted furniture could be anything from an alcove bookcase to a made to measure radiator covers or bespoke tv units. Fitted furniture is a bespoke joinery job that makes the best use of your room space and blends with your home aesthetics.

With bespoke fitted furniture you can choose the type of wood or construction materials for the mainframes, and then decided the kind of doors and handles that you like and will suit your home decor.

When you see fitted furniture done correctly, you’ll be amazed at the quality, storage space and finishes that bespoke fitted furniture will give you.
I’ll give you an example of some bespoke fitted furniture, this all comes under bespoke living room storage,

But you can have fitted lounge wall units or fitted living room cupboards which is excellent for storage space. Then there are bespoke tv media units which are another superb furniture solution right in the heart of your lounge where you can relax with ease in an evening.

Depending on the design of your home there are even ideas such as a bookshelf under stairs or radiator covers with drawers, these are all bespoke fitted furniture designed and handmade to order.

How much does fitted furniture cost?

If you are searching for bespoke fitted furniture near me, you will find a choice of bespoke fitted furniture companies that offer different levels of service which is reflected in the cost.

Some fitted furniture companies have lush showrooms which will affect the costs as extra overheads. Other furniture suppliers have designers or sales reps that will visit you in your home and show you samples of doors and finishes.

We offer the latter and will visit you in your home to discuss, measure and design you your fitted furniture keeping the cost of your fitted furniture to an affordable investment.

Typically Jobs will Cost between £1,500 – £15,000 depending on size, design materials and finishes used for your project.

This includes everything in the process from a detailed design which will be completed after a survey at your home, up to and including installation.
Any significant changes to design may add to the final cost. If any problems are encountered, you are covered by our guarantee.

Can you paint fitted furniture?

The short answer is yes you can, now again it depends on what your fitted furniture is made from as to what look you want to achieve. For example, we install bespoke fitted study furniture and will use the finest MDF on the market right now which is stronger than any natural wood, and the MDF offers you flexible options when it comes the painting fitted furniture and is perfect for hand painting to get a luxury feel.

Another positive about painted fitted furniture is if at a later date you redecorate you can change the colour of your furniture to suit, or even touch up any little mishaps of a broken door.

Not all furniture can be painted over you can’t paint fitted furniture if your doors or frames where pre-finished during manufacturer, like some wardrobe doors we use fitted media units or certain kitchen cupboard doors that have a gloss or vinyl type finishes.

To answer can you paint fitted furniture all depends on your initial choice of materials and desired to look at the time of design and install of your furniture. There are always options to change doors and fixings to keep up with home decor trends, but honestly, our fitted furniture is quality built and designed with empathy for a timeless appearance in your home.

For some tips on painting your own fitted furniture you can get some tips from the new house youtube post.

Lounge Bespoke Fitted Furniture

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