made to measure office furniture

Bespoke Home Office Furniture

Bespoke Home Office Furniture


Many people nowadays work from home, or become self-employed, or take their work home with them, so it makes complete sense to provide your home with a home office set up.

Because many homes don’t have the luxury of an entire room dedicated to an office, we offer custom built-ins, little home offices, and home office furniture.

We make each piece of office furniture to order, built according to your preferences and specifications. A thoughtfully designed Home office can enhance your professional environment and make working from home convenient and enjoyable.


Made to measure home office ideas


fitted office in the home


With our made-to-measure bespoke office furniture, you can reclaim your bedroom space. You can not only design your office cupboards, shelving, or filing cabinets to fit right up to the ceilings of your room but also use it as a display item by displaying favourite items and photos.

Choose functional office furniture that is made to measure to incorporate high-quality features, such as slide-out drawers ideal for storing printers, scanners, and other bulky equipment that is prone to be on display—Shop Premier storage units.


Fitted Home Office Furniture – Delivery and Installation in Sheffield.


With our fitted home offices, you can work from home in comfort and practicality. Together, we can create the perfect workspace for you at home.

You can choose from fitted desks, chairs, pedestals, storage units, and tabletops among our great range. Our designers at Riverdale bespoke joinery will carefully design a layout to precisely fit your space’s dimensions.

  • Our clients directly work with us to devise a schedule.
  • All suppliers will be involved in providing logistical support for your order.
  • Install everything on-time, within budget, and hassle-free.


Free Home Office Furniture Design


small home office bookcase


A Design Consultant will bring samples, create a hand-drawn illustration showing how to maximize office furniture and living space, guide you toward picking out the best interior office storage options and provide a quote.


Technical Consultation for Your Fitted Furniture


Upon placing your order, our Technical Surveyor will visit your home to verify all aspects of your order. Their visit will create a final Technical CAD Pack that will provide the final specification for your home office furniture and our bespoke carpenters.


What are the benefits of custom home office furniture?


The reasons to create home office furniture. Every business operated or managed from home requires office space or workspace, but not all of them require an office in the traditional sense.

Dual office space furniture A dual office space provides enough privacy and comfort for working or studying in one precise area.

The furniture you choose for your home office will reflect your unique style, from formal home offices to casual study spaces.


Can I choose the type of desk set-up I prefer?


Absolutely. We will work around your requirements to deliver the best furniture. Irrespective of whether you would prefer a large desk with additional storage or an angular desk with more of a minimalistic appearance, we can design and manufacture a full range of office furniture items specifically for your desk space needs.


Request Your Free Office Design Visit


home office furniture


A number of our business reviews on Google state us as a leading bespoke joinery supplier. Our office design visits allow us to listen to your ideas, likes and dislikes and advise on how best to unlock your home’s working space potential.


Additional peace of mind with a 10-year guarantee on Home Offices.


As we are the carpentry specialists for fitted home office furniture, Riverdale bespoke joinery takes out the middleman. We have installed hundreds of well-designed home office furniture, so we decided to save you money.

Besides providing you with a 10-year guarantee on newly installed office spaces, we also do not work on commission. While we do not currently have a showroom open to the public, we have a highly trained and experienced sales team that will bring samples to your home.

Booking now will enable you to work from home in style and comfort.


Creating a tailored-made living space.


small business home office


Our designer and consultant team at Riverdale Bespoke joinery works diligently to create your contemporary living space. We measure and evaluate your living space and then present a stylish home office solution.

Our fitted furniture specialists will design and build your beautiful home study, contemporary office designs, and small workspaces for you to work from home-based in Sheffield.

If you use our service, you will get synchronic architectural designs to harmonize your workspace with the rest of your home. We follow all UK building regulations since Riverdale bespoke joinery is a local business in the UK, making your home and house safe and adding value to your home.


The best home office furniture designs are custom-made.


bedroom home office


When you work with Riverdale joinery, you do not only get access to sample pieces and materials, and you also get access to original manufacturing of all customized pieces.

With a lead time of between two and three weeks, we deliver more than any other furniture provider in the UK. Starting from bedroom furniture to living room and office furniture, we do them all with your style at the forefront for every single piece we make.

The standard idea is to fit everything in the room, but you get to pick out some of the best furniture for small spaces with our help. Various dimensions of minimalist style have left interior experts and amateurs equally stunned by the current minimalist trend.


 A one-time investment gets you the full package of home office furniture solutions.


There is no need to be overwhelmed, and we are here to help you design the perfect home, office or office-at-home.

We take care of everything, from designing furniture to installing it. Our consultants visit your location to get a clear idea of your concept for space and accurate measurements. The possibility of hidden costs from go-betweens in the equation is zero because we craft our materials.

Sheffield’s furniture and interiors market can be overwhelming with so many choices available, but we offer you more than just samples, consultation, genuine branded materials, diverse choices and installation.


We will make a home office out of the garage.


The conversion of a garage requires the right planning and some ingenuity. There are many ways to utilize a spacious garage other than a dedicated home office and studio. This can also be your second living area or an informal hangout and homework area for the kids when needed.

A Riverdale bespoke carpentry professional can create the ideal garage home office, whether stylish and extravagant or efficient and simple.


Making sure the basics are right.


Making the garage into a home office involves ensuring that it can be used as a living space. The concrete floor is the standard flooring in most garages. Most ensure that the home office feels comfortable in all seasons, a tile, carpet, or can use other cosier floorings.


Styling and Aesthetics


Once your garage has been upgraded to a more livable setting, it’s time for you to turn your attention to its style and efficiency. Keeping away from strictly contemporary or modern styles, you might prefer a blend of an industrial, farmhouse, or rustic finishes with modern finishes.

Get the basics right before you spread your wings and add decorative items, such as a desk, chair, and shelving for all your office needs. Additionally, a neutral colour scheme keeps the workspace free of visual clutter, creating a soothing and comfortable atmosphere.

Everything is taken care of by Riverdale Bespoke Joinery.


made to measure office furniture


Most garages can be better ventilated with translucent glass panels or sliding glass doors instead of heavy steel panels. Start with small changes before you embark on a more comprehensive garage renovation.

We are more than just fitted furniture specialists. We can also renovate your garage and take care of your new office furniture.

Contact us today for more details at Riverdale bespoke joinery 0114 4055996


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